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  Death Touch The Science Behind the Legend of Dim-Mak

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Death Touch The Science Behind the Legend of Dim-Mak

Michael Kelly - Death Touch: The Science Behind the Legend of Dim-Mak
Paladin Press | 2001 | ISBN: 1581602812 | English | 184 pages | PDF | 3.37 MB

The martial arts world is rife with tales of ancient masters who could cause instant or delayed death by attacking secret points on the body. But to the Western mind, the concept of striking acupuncture points to disrupt the internal energy, seems like hocus-pocus. Thus, many serious martial artists dismiss the ancient art of dim-mak (aka kyusho jitsu), which is literally translated as "death touch," as nothing more than fiction. However, if one can accept the idea that a dim-mak point is an avenue for attacking the nervous system, then it becomes easier to understand how striking a point or groups of points can devastate the organs and the cardiovascular system. In this book, Dr. Michael Kelly, an osteopathic physician and experienced dim-mak practitioner, explains dim-mak's effects based on medical science. In layman's terms, Dr. Kelly reveals the physiological basis for what is clearly a very real and dangerous method of fighting. In the process of unraveling the mystery of this legendary art, Dr. Kelly makes the true genius of its founders brutally, and painfully, apparent. Dr Kelly began his journey into the martial arts at age 6, when he studied koei karate. In high school he was involved in competitive wrestling and achieved more than 100 career victories. Now a 2nd-degree black belt in Okinawan shorin-ryu karate, Dr. Kelly has trained in the art for more than 15 years and has had multiple victories in both forms and sparring competitions. In addition, he has studied aikido, tang soo do, and shiatsu. He has been investigating the effects of dim-mak on the body as well as the pressure point attacks hidden within the traditional forms for more than 10 years and has published multiple articles on the medical aspects of dim-mak.
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