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  How to Play Poker in Easy Way

Author Автор: VnRuEn | Date Дата: 21 ноября 2020| Views Просмотров: 0

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How to Play Poker in Easy Way
English | April 17, 2020 | ASIN: B0875Z5W9W | 70 pages | EPUB | 0.80 MB

Become A Poker Master & Earn Money Without Setting Foot Inside A Casino WithThe Help Of This Complete Beginner's Guide!
Poker is an exciting game,despite its serious and quiet setting. For most players, holding a winning hand is enough tokeep their adrenaline rushing and their hearts pumping. Nowadays, however, poker offers a new way tobond with loved ones and close family members, as more and more people are staying athome.
While people play poker for different reasons, most are in it for the opportunity to sitdown with friends and family around a table, and bond over one of the most popular card games in theworld... with a few bottles of beer and cocktails.
Poker is a variety of card games wherein playersbet on the best hand, depending on a specific game's rules. The most popular poker game by far is TexasHold'em, which you can find both offline and online.
So... You're here because you're keen tolearn the INs and OUTs of poker, not just to connect with your loved ones, but also to become a betterplayer and maybe try your luck as a professional player someday.
But, where do youstart?
In his guide, Mike Basemann will teach you everything you need to knowabout poker, so you can become a MASTER of the game using tips and tricks straight from the experts'mouth!
Over the course of this all-inclusive guide, youwill:Significantly increase the stakes by learning how to expertly bet andraiseConfidently win every game by learning MASTER poker strategy andtipsHost the PERFECT poker game and have fun to the MAX in the comforts ofyour homeExpertly play a bluff and your opponents will never know what hitthemEarn real money FAST by skillfully playing pokeronlineMaximize the fun and solidarity by learning all the proper poker tableetiquetteAnd so much more!Unlike most beginner'sguides for poker, this guide is littered with insider tips and tricks that have helped professionalplayers up the ante and reap significant wins!
With these field-tested nuggets of wisdom,beginners like you will be able to have an EXCLUSIVE, well-researched resource that you can rely on tohone your skills for years to come!

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