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  Drying in the Dairy Industry

Author Автор: VnRuEn | Date Дата: 26 октября 2021| Views Просмотров: 0

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Drying in the Dairy Industry
English | ISBN: 0815359985 | 2020 | 296 pages | PDF | 51 MB

With more than 12M tons of dairy powders produced each year at a global scale, the drying sector accounts to a large extent for the processing of milk and whey. It is generally considered that 40% of the dry matter collected overall ends up in a powder form. Moreover, nutritional dairy products presented in a dry form (eg, infant milk formulae) have grown quickly over the last decade, now accounting for a large share of the profit of the sector.
Drying in the Dairy Industry: From Established Technologies to Advanced Innovations deals with the market of dairy powders issues, considering both final product and process as well as their interrelationships. It explains the different processing steps for the production of dairy powders including membrane, homogenisation, concentration and agglomeration processes. The book includes a presentation of the current technologies, the more recent development for each of them and their impact on the quality of the final powders. Lastly, one section is dedicated to recent innovations and methods directed to more sustainable processes, as well as latter developments at lab scale to go deeper in the understanding of the phenomena occurring during spray drying.
Key Features:
Presents state-of-the-art information on the production of a variety of different dairy powders
Discusses the impact of processing parameters and drier design on the product quality such as protein denaturation and viability of probiotics
Explains the impact of drying processes on the powder properties such as solubility, dispersibility, wettability, flowability, floodability, and hygroscopicity
Covers the technology, modelling and control of the processing steps
This book is a synthetic and complete reference work for researchers in academia and industry in order to encourage research and development and innovations in drying in the dairy industry.



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