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  Workplace Monitoring and Technology

Author Автор: VnRuEn | Date Дата: 17 июля 2022| Views Просмотров: 0

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Workplace Monitoring and Technology

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003199502 | 269 pages | True PDF | 2.28 MB

Workplace Monitoring and Technology aims to showcase results of research and explanatory theories that influence employees' acceptance of the fact that work is monitored using ICT-based monitoring tools.
Work monitoring, understood as obtaining, storing and reporting the results of collected observations, has always been a managerial task. Traditionally it was carried out by supervisors who, while overseeing the work of employees, would draw conclusions from their observations and implement corrective actions. The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to monitor the working employee and their performance has changed the methods of monitoring, and the popularization of remote work has increased interest in searching for new monitoring systems using the full potential of new ICT solutions. The new developments in ICT have caused smart monitoring systems and new solutions to evolve in electronic work monitoring based on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, which enables nearly cost-free monitoring. However, scientific knowledge about them is limited, and above all, so is managerial knowledge about the reception of these tools by employees, while their misuse can cause considerable damage.
Presenting a broad overview of the current state of different areas of scientific knowledge regarding smart and electronic monitoring systems of work performance, this book will be of relevance for academics within the fields of human resource management and performance management, and for similar groups of researchers in psychology and sociology.



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